Aki Alupihan (Aki the Centipede)

Sketches, storyboard, and finished work for an unpublished picture book set in the Philippines about a little centipede and his family, a story written by Bobim Papasin.
Initial character sketches
Rough sketches
Proposed storyboard / book dummy sketches
Final working sketch: spread 1
The centipede family celebrate Aki's birthday and lay out a picnic spread of his favorite Filipino food.
Details of working sketch for spread 01
A native delicacy called kalamay-- sticky, sweetened rice porridge with brown sugar inside coconut husks
Aki the centipede with coconut juice in husks and rice cakes
Colored details, spread 1
Final spread 01
Working sketch: spread 02
The centipede family affirm their love for their son and look out over the valley. I was inspired to incorporate rice terraces and winding rivers into the scene from a trip to the Banaue Rice Terraces in Northern Luzon, Philippines in September 2011.
Details from working sketch, spread 2
Colored details from spread 2
Final spread 02
Finished book spreads

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