Tea Party Memory Match

I was commissioned by Australian toy manufacturer Glottogon to illustrate 15 tea party-themed images for their Memory Match game. They provided the concept (i.e. biscuits, tea pot, vintage clock, etc.) and it was up to me to interpret that into a fun illustration. I loved working on this project-- many thanks to Glottogon for the opportunity!
The Memory Match game was released Sept/Oct 2013 and is available to buy in select gift/toy stores across Australia, or online on Glottogon's website: http://www.glottogon.com
Glottogon did a great job on the packaging!
Some of my initial rough sketches:
A few of my favorites from the 15 tea party-themed illustrations:
A few of the tiles
The other Memory Match games in the series, illustrated by other artists.

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