Hello! My name is Reg Silva. I’m an illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. I draw cute, playful, and whimsical illustrations which have been published on greeting cards, puzzles, games, magazines, and children’s books.
Before I became an illustrator, I was a motion graphics designer for the biggest TV broadcasting network in the Philippines. I've also had experience working remotely as a graphic designer for a creative agency in New York, designing digital ads, websites, and online games. It was through these previous jobs that I've been able to work on projects for clients and brands such as Unilever, McDonald’s, Jollibee, Coca-Cola, Globe Telecom, Sony Pictures, Nickelodeon, Disney Interactive, Google, MTV, and Fox, among others.
In 2012, shifting over from the graphic design industry, I decided to go into illustration fulltime. Formerly represented by illustration agencies Advocate Art and Bright International, both in the UK, I am now a fully freelance illustrator which allows for more varied creative pursuits which I write about on my blog.
My hobbies and interests include cats, arts and crafts/DIY, wasting time on the Internet, traveling, reading, art materials and supplies, laughing at my own jokes, and eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Some clients I've illustrated for
Nick Jr. UK, Dorling Kindersley (DK), Hallmark USA, Igloo Books, Simon & Schuster, Peter Pauper Press, Our Sunday Visitor (OSV), Summit Media

FAQ: Why Wedgienet?
Wedgie has been one of my nicknames since I was young, not because I always had one (I didn’t) but because it rhymed with my then-nickname, Reggie. The nickname stuck (pun unintended) so when I registered a domain name in college for my web design class, I went with Wedgienet. I think the name conveys the kind of work I do: fun, whimsical, playful, casual, and slightly irreverent!

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